Karen Baden Thapa

Fine Art: Printmaking ,Mixed Media, Photography

Dr. Lucy Monotype

PrintmakingKaren Thapa

I have been printing subtractive monotypes for the last few months.  This is a process where I ink a plexi- plate with ink and draw out (remove) the ink using q-tips, sponges, drawing tools etc.  This is a portrait of my goofy, loving dog, Dr. Lucy, a Tibetan Mastiff/Husky/Border Collie mutt.  

Dr. Lucy Monotype
Dr. Lucy Monotype


PhotographyKaren Thapa

Mayerling is a Vienna Woods hunting lodge, turned into a convent, where the Grand Duke of Austria and his lover committed suicide.  I took a day trip to Mayerling when I was a teenager.  As usual, I fell behind the tour guide and the group.  I had a roll of black and white film and I was more interested in taking photographs. In one of the rooms, there was a very short, tiny, nun.   I wanted to take her picture but I was too shy to ask.  I heard her pulling the gate closed behind us and I turned and got this shot.  It has always been one of my favorites.

Mayerling Nun

Washi Paper Collage

Multimedia/CollageKaren Thapa

There is a stationary store in S.F. Japantown that had the most beautiful, high quality, made in Japan, washi paper.  The colors and designs are amazing and I am every time I visit a new pattern tempts me.  This is a collage that I made using some of my favorite blue papers and acrylic paint on 300 lb watercolor paper. (web)WashiCollageBlue


PrintmakingKaren Thapa

Copperplate, water soluable black etching ink, brayer, brushes, drawing tools.  I made my first monotypes using the printing press.  It is a very painterly form of printmaking and  I had fun.  IMG_2356

Je suis Paris

PhotographyKaren Thapa

MeilleursParisv1 I am posting this photo of my favorite crepe stand in Paris.  It was on the Boulevard St Michelle  near the Jardin de Luxembourg.  In the late 1970's I spent many hours sitting in this cafe, drinking coffee, drawing, writing and working on essays for my studies at the Sorbonne.  I took this photo with black and white film and printed it after I returned home.  Eventually, I scanned it ,brought in into Photoshop and added the sepia tones.  Last night I heard about the devastating Friday the 13th bombings and attacks in Paris.  My Paris.  It felt so personal even though I have not lived there for over 30 years.   Je suis Paris.

Nepal Gods

PaintingKaren Thapa

IMG_5015 IMG_5012 IMG_5003 These three collages were made with cut and torn papers including Nepal God prints made with rice paper, acrylic paints and acrylic mediums.  They are on sturdy, 300b watercolor paper and the edges were left exposed to give them an informal mat.

Sedona Prints

PrintmakingKaren Thapa

Sedona3sunsetEtch Sedona


These are three of my Sedona prints.  The middle is printed with etching ink only and the others have ink with a watercolor washes added afterwards.  I find that printmaking paper holds up very well to multiple washed of color.


PaintingKaren Thapa

KBT_astrolabe3KBT_astrolabeKBT_astrolabe2 Greenwich Observatory has a lovely collection of astrolabes.  They are astronomical instruments that were used by navigators to calculate the positions of the sun, the moon and the stars.  One in particular, an intricate brass piece, caught my eye.  I drew it and created a block print out of the drawing.  The print is at the center of these three collages that I made on heavy weight paper, using gold paper strips and acrylic paint

Pen & Ink

DrawingKaren Thapa

Version 2 This is one of the first pen and ink drawings that I finished after I began studying art at U.C. Irvine.  It was the late 1970's and I think that era is reflected in the drawing.   I did allot of these intricate "profile" images.  This one is probably the weirdest.

Etching and Watercolors

PrintmakingKaren Thapa

OctypussEtch I love both etching and watercolor so lately,  I have been combining them.  This is a drawing that I did of a California red octopus on display at the Hatfield Marine Research Center, in Newport Oregon.  The octopus was plastered to the side of the tank.  I transferred the drawing to a copper plate, etched it and applied a spray paint aquatint to give it the sandy background.  Then, it was finished after printing in black and coloring with watercolors.